The Parental Rights Policy Institute of Texas is unique. It’s never been done – three organizations that take child welfare cases in order to advocate for parents in the often unfair system that traumatizes the children and destroys the very families it proclaims to help – working together after realizing the significance of the parental rights perspective they share.  The Institute was formed to elevate the case-level evidence from over 20 years of combined case experience to produce a clear understanding of what needs to truly change in order to save families and protect parental rights.

Research has already been conducted for decades on the child welfare system and other systems, such as medical, mental health, and education, that feed into it.  However, for all the time, effort, and money spent on this research, nothing has really seemed to change the flawed system.  Cycles of “reform – transformation – redesign” have plagued the system promising changes yet never bringing the desired results.  

So, after years of frustration, seeing the same problems with the system hurting families over and over – family after family, parent after parent, child after child, trauma after trauma – in a system designed to take their children and keep them instead of helping restore the family – Parent Guidance Center, Family Rights Advocacy, and We the Parents decided a Parental Rights Policy Institute, based on their shared case-level experiences with parents and families, was the most relevant tool to advance REAL policies and legislative changes that will help families instead of destroying them.

Politics, money, and flawed thinking will no longer silence the Real Case Advocates. The Institute’s goal is to advance the policies and legislation that protect and promote families through Parental Rights…..and we hope you will join The Institute in repairing the system justly and permanently. 

The Mission is Simple:  Protect, Restore, and Advance Parental Rights in Texas and beyond.

The Goal is Direct:  To elevate Real Cases from Real Families as the evidence for Real Policies that need Real Change.

The Plan is Strategic:  Partner with parents, citizens, and organizations who share the Mission and agree with the Goal.  The only “special interest group” the Institute will promote is the Family

The Vision is Critical:  All Families will be kept safe and free with systems fully accountable to the People by respecting parental rights, upholding the Constitution, and following state and federal laws.  


1.    Children deserve to feel safe, protected, and loved by their fit parents without the fear of unnecessary removal from their families.

2.    Parents deserve to direct the upbringing, education, and medical decisions for their families without any governmental interference unless absolutely necessary, truly a last resort, and legally conducted.

3.    Families deserve assistance when they are struggling that is compassionate, matches actual needs to promote self-sufficiency, and is achievable in their circumstances.

4.    Taxpayers deserve systems that protect vulnerable children without destroying families in the process.

5.    Citizens deserve systems that protect and respect Parental and Constitutional Rights through accountability at every level.

How can I help?

  • Donate to the 3 founding organizations – so they can continue their valuable work helping families
  • Tell your story if you have experienced the child welfare system – fill out the form on the Your Case page
  • Spread the word . . .